How asset and property management ensure return on investment and successful managing of assets

Asset and property management deal with managing assets, aiming to ensure their sustainable value growth. Given that these activities cooperate closely on the same projects, the difference between them is sometimes unclear. However, by better understanding processes of each, and using their potential to their maximum, the results can be a high return on investments … Continued

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Why investors let Asset managers handle their assets

A well organised capital management is one of the most important steps towards long-term growth, the increase of profit and value of the company’s assets. Asset management helps reach these goals through a variety of services that ensure a high return on investment and sustainable growth.   Asset management services respond to the specific needs … Continued

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What is Facility Management and how it brings results

The importance of facility management for the maintenance of commercial, public and industrial facilities has grown significantly in the last decade. Many organizations and companies have recognized facility management as an efficient way to manage facilities, equipment and maintenance.

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What does it mean to have a good property manager – 3 key benefits

Hiring a professional property manager who specializes in real estate management gives you plenty of time to deal with your core business. Such professionals work in companies that have all the necessary resources, including experts for each phase in the life cycle of a facility. What benefits does a good property manager bring to your company?

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