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How asset and property management ensure return on investment and successful managing of assets

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Asset and property management deal with managing assets, aiming to ensure their sustainable value growth. Given that these activities cooperate closely on the same projects, the difference between them is sometimes unclear. However, by better understanding processes of each, and using their potential to their maximum, the results can be a high return on investments and preservation of the value of investors’ portfolios.

Asset management

Primary focus of this activity is the financial aspect – finding suitable investment opportunities, making sure that the property value is growing, and securing the highest return on investment possible. A team of asset managers performs key activities to meet these objectives:

  • Creating an investment plan and choosing promising prospects
  • Defining long-term budget 
  • Financial analysis and profitability assessments of existing real estate
  • Identifying new methods for increasing revenue from assets
  • Determining the current value of assets and ways to increase it
  • Monitoring financial flows for individual real estate and the entire portfolio
  • Market research for identifying long term cost-effectiveness of assets
  • Risk management
  • Finding ways to increase the yearly revenue of each asset

The activities of Asset Management refer to assets as long-term investments. Because of this, it is necessary to ensure that all asset processes are running successfully, which is a responsibility of another division.


Property management

Observing real estate as an investment is also the role of Property management, but from a different aspect. Property management team is in charge of overseeing and managing real estate on a daily basis:

  • Managing assets through everyday maintenance
  • Collecting rent, lease administration 
  • Maintaining, repairing, and decorating property interior and exterior
  • Planning and implementing maintenance activities
  • Developing a relationship with tenants
  • Managing risks
  • Promoting and filling vacant capacities

Good real estate management, on a daily basis, ensures optimization of expenses and regular income. Property manager’s responsibility is also financial analysis of each real estate on a yearly basis and providing recommendations for their improvement and revenue increase.

Asset management approaches the assets on macro level, while Property management takes care of assets on micro level. Observing from the investments’ point of view – everyday maintenance and good tenant relations greatly contribute to the asset’s overall value. This makes Property management complementary to Asset management.

Marera Property Management is a pioneer in the field of asset and property management in Serbia. Through a wide variety of services, it provides its clients with a high and sustainable level of real estate financial performance.

Our team of top experts and experienced managers is dedicated to providing the best services and creating investment strategies and operations that focus on specific goals of our investors and guarantee success. 


Asset and property manager are activities in the process of managing assets that provides value increase and return on investment 


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