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Why investors let Asset managers handle their assets

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A well organised capital management is one of the most important steps towards long-term growth, the increase of profit and value of the company’s assets. Asset management helps reach these goals through a variety of services that ensure a high return on investment and sustainable growth.


Asset management services respond to the specific needs of investors, from investing in different asset classes to developing and optimizing exceptional performance portfolios. For such results, a team of experts, with deep market knowledge and ability to identify best investment options, is needed.


How does Asset management increase asset value and return on investment


Through detailed acquaintance with the investor’s assets, and the analysis of previous investments, short-term and long-term investment strategies are created. The goals of investors have to be met, and the investment opportunities have to be exploited through successful real estate acquisition and sustainable return on investment. The experts assess the risks and identify projects to invest in, while making sure not to jeopardize safety and financial success of the investors.


Overall, Asset management includes a range of the following services:


  • Capital management through investment consulting, value estimation, portfolio management, acquisition, due diligence, and real estate transactions.
  • Financial services through consulting and analysis, finance management, capital, financial flows, expenses, taxes, reporting.
  • The increase of real estate value through real estate positioning strategies, real estate development, feasibility studies, management of project teams.


Knowing and understanding the market, and connecting the capital with profitable investment opportunities are key advantages that ensure a high return on investment, sustainable and progressive capital growth.


Asset management division within the Marera Property Management focuses on long term sustainable results in all phases of the project for development of diversified portfolios with exceptional financial performances, as well as on the high, stable occupation of the facilities managed. The key advantage of the Marera Property Management is the detailed knowledge and deep understanding of the local market, allowing it to provide comprehensive financial services, from managing finances to reporting and accounting, which ensures high and sustainable level of real estate financial performances.


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